With formal events comes formal decisions about wearing your cummerbund appropriately. Surprisingly many people don't know how to properly wear them. Perhaps this is because they are rarely worn and typically reserved for special occasions like a wedding or prom. This may also be related to age and simply being new to the concept. Visually, cummerbunds may appear straightforward and easy to put on; after all, it is simply a waist covering. Here are some tips to wearing a cummerbund appropriately:

Wear with Bow Ties
Cummerbunds are to be worn with bow ties, not normal neck ties. Typically it is in best practice to match the bow tie to the cummerbund. Often these can be found in sets, especially if working with prints and unusual patterns.

Pleats Up
The pleats of the cummerbund are meant to face upward. While they may not carry the same functional role as back in Great Britain's colonizing days, the pleats still are meant to face upward so that they can store and catch things.

Pant Position
Your dress pants should rise to your navel. Half of the cummerbund should cover the pants, and the other half should cover the shirt. The cummerbund is meant to be worn at the natural waist. If it is not, the slimming look of the cummerbund is lost, and something will likely look generally wrong with the whole ensemble.

December 01, 2017 — Missy Snyder