The Story of Peter-Blair Accessories


The story of Peter-BlairAccessories is a family story that begins long before there ever was a Peter-Blair tie. It was an idea birthed from both a need and a talent, and was always brewing in the lives of two art-loving siblings.



Growing up, Dick Fowlkes and his sister Kate (Ackerly) were budding artists, Dick the painter and Kate, who loved to draw. As a child, Kate would far rather sew and draw than play with dolls. Dick, as well as loving art, was a natural born salesman and as the stories go, he would sell anything and everything in his front yard even at the tender age of 5.


Their father, Carroll Harris Fowlkes, was what you might call a renaissance man, a craftsman who instilled in his children the appreciation for detail, creativity, and handmade quality. These are values that shine through every facet of Peter-Blair Accessories from the drawing table to final production.


The creativity, color, and detail evident in the artistic endeavors of these youngsters are still the characteristic marks of their products today. Vivid hues that are prevalent in Dick Fowlkes’ paintings can be seen in every tie. Intricate detail is the trademark style that Kate brings to each design.



Dick, who had been operating his men’s clothing boutique, “Peter-Blair” since 1993, saw an opportunity for a new and fresh product: neckties that were comparable to the high quality of elegant French and Italian neckwear, but bold in color, design and wit…yes wit! In 2003, he joined forces with his sister, Kate, who now serves as designer and Vice-President of Peter-Blair Accessories. For the first seven years, their operations were headquartered in the basement of Dick’s home. Operations have now grown to include sales to over 250 men’s boutiques and online stores around the world. Kate continues to hand draw every detailed design—designs that are beautifully executed and uniquely customizable.



For Peter-Blair Accessories, the standard of craftsmanship is unsurpassed, the materials are consistently of the highest integrity, and all made in the USA. These ties always reflect something of the style and personality of those who wear them. Inadvertently, they serve as great conversation starters…the stories abound! About Peter Blair Accessories it has been said, “It’s southern charm combined with worldly sophistication.”


So yes, there’s a story behind Peter-Blair Accessories…and every accessory tells a story!