CEO / Executive Designer

"There are small family-owned businesses that I have been working with since the first day Peter-Blair opened, and I value those connections. I have found the relationships to be mutually beneficial."

Kate Ackerly is the CEO and Executive Designer of Peter-Blair Accessories and her brother, Dick, owns the Peter-Blair storefront. She is the creative mind behind the designs and also works with clients on their custom projects. She loves her Peter-Blair extended family including the vendors and workrooms across the country. Home for her will always be Richmond, and enjoys working for Peter Blair because of the "timeless and classic" look of the product.

Dick Fowlkes

Founder / Business Consultant

“My sense of style is conservative with a twist.”
Dick Fowlkes is the Founder and Business Consultant of Peter-Blair Accessories and works primarily at the Peter-Blair storefront. As needed, he consults with Peter-Blair Accessories on fashion trends, quality, and craftsmanship. He consults on the changes in men’s fashion trends. Dick has been “in sales” since he was 5 years old selling anything and everything in front of his house. His passion for clothing started in his early 20’s when he started his first job on Main Street. While he has “fine tuned” his fashion sense over the years, he has always had an eye for color, fine fabrics, and pulling together outfits that not only look great, but make his customers feel great. He calls his sense of style, “conservative with a twist.”

Missy Snyder


"When people look good, they feel good..."
Melissa Snyder is the CFO and COO of Peter-Blair Accessories which means she is responsible for maintaining the day to day operations of the company as well as finance, supervising shipping and receiving, website administration, and managing inventory processes and inventory control. Despite a full plate, she is passionate about her job because she believes when people look good they feel good. She says, "Being dedicated to ensuring that high quality, sophisticated products are delivered to our customers is a challenge that is well worth the effort." She enjoys working for Peter-Blair Accessories because they share a dedication to quality product and service.

Leslie Baker

Design & Production Manager

"Men sometimes aren't able express themselves enough with their clothes; I think our ties are a great way to do that. You can get an insight into their world. I hope that they enjoy picking out something that really shows who they are."
Leslie Baker is the Design and Production Manager for Peter-Blair Accessories. She loves helping Kate's designs come to life as well as assisting with production and web development. She is passionate about working for Peter Blair because she believes it gives men the unique opportunity to express themselves through fashion. Moreover, she enjoys the family atmosphere at Peter-Blair Accessories and the satisfaction of seeing someone in a Peter-Blair original.