This week, Peter-Blair Accessories would like to introduce you to Ashby Price. Ashby specializes in investing as a Wealth Manager at Capstone Financial Partners. He's been sporting Peter-Blair Accessories for quite some time now - since he was in the 10th grade! As a teenager, Ashby learned how to master the art of tying a bowtie and hasn't stopped accenting his shirts with them since. If you see pictures of him on our website or previously on social media, don’t be surprised - he has participated in one of our photoshoots.

When it comes to Peter-Blair bowties, Ashby doesn’t limit himself to wearing them at just events. If you run into him at cocktail parties, weddings, business gatherings, or, even, church, you can be sure to find him in one of his many Peter-Blair bowties.

His favorite? The pink oyster bowtie! “I am raising oysters so this bowtie ‘ties’ in with one of my favorite hobbies.” Ashby's loyalty to the Peter-Blair brand can be summed up in three words: style, patterns, and quality.
July 05, 2018 — Leslie Baker