With Father’s Day just around the corner, we’re continuing on with our Father’s Day feature. This week, Peter-Blair Accessories would like to introduce you to Steve McClenny. Steve has been wearing Peter-Blair Accessories for quite some time now. If you see pictures of him in a tie floating around our website, don’t be surprised - he’s one of our models!

Steve is a father to two little girls, Riley, 5, and Harper, 2. Raising them has been a blast for Steve and it shows in the relationship that the sisters have. Riley is already showing Harper the ropes on the soccer field and training her to be Varsity bound. Steve’s family can most often be found at the park, pool, or in the Outer Banks. The family has always been around the beach so he tokens his children as “beach babies”. Easy to say that summertime is their favorite season.

It’s easy to spot McClenny in a crowd - just look for a bowtie. One of Steve’s colleagues introduced him to Peter-Blair Accessories eight years ago after he received a bowtie as a Christmas gift. He hasn’t stopped wearing them since. “The bowtie is my signature at work and makes me easily recognizable to my customers.” You’ll even find him wearing them to formal events, weddings, and, especially, during the holidays.

When we asked Steve about his favorite Peter-Blair Accessories tie, he explained, “That’s a tough one to answer”. For him, selecting a Peter-Blair tie is all based on his mood or the occasion he’s attending. If he had to pick one, he would select one of the “outdoorsman” printed ties - for the days when you wish you were fishing or duck hunting, but you’re at work. One thing is certain, Steve knows the right way to brighten his style with a Peter-Blair Accessories tie.
June 12, 2018 — Leslie Baker